Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Evangeline League - More Cowbell Merger

As Season 1 began in the new Evangeline/More Cowbell World, the first thing we discovered is that the old worlds are truly gone. Stats, records, Hall of Famers, championship banners are all gone. It's odd how one could get so attached to fake baseball players and teams, but somehow it happens. Evangeline League was a community of players who for 26 seasons chatted and debated trades, players, stats, real life baseball and events. There were some issues to resolve, but for the owners that came through it all, we believed we had a solid world. Maybe it wasn't as solid as we all believed as we needed to merge with another world to survive in Hardball Dynasty. So now we begin a new chapter in HBD. 
This blog is intended to keep some of the memories and records of Evangeline League alive. I also hope that it can enhance our new world by staying current and serving as another selling point for potential owners to be attracted to Evangeline/More Cowbell.

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